10 minutes

I’ve started making an effort to spend 10 minutes reading and 10 minutes writing every day. Sometimes, the writing portion takes the form of a blog entry, sometimes a journal entry – on occasion it’s a letter to a friend. The point of it all is to practice expressing myself and expand my view on the world. Cancer, my inspiring companion, has revealed the multi-mindedness with which I pursue life to be flat and uninteresting on larger scopes.

Ten minutes doesn’t seem like much of a commitment on the surface. But in my world of 2 kids, always-connected IM and other distractions, I actually found the first week of the regime quite difficult. I’m used to hoping topics quickly and doing a lot of skimming. Writing emails and IMs is often very close to stream of consciousness and only occasionally requires a lot of focused thought. It seems like I’ve lost touch with the ability to put words to paper/screen efficiently and effectively. What’s worse – I’ve lost touch with the ability to absorb other topics, so ruthless is my drive to be expert in my field.

So, I’m trying this 10 minute regime to try and recover the skills that I’ve lost. Before I picked up programming, I loved to write; poems and short stories were great creative outlets for me. Perhaps I can recover these delights, or at least, take back the ability to communicate in the ambiguous but graceful grammar of humans.

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2010-10-16 00:00 +0000