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It would seem that I have not kept up with my blog nearly as much as I should. I’m only at 24 entries for this year – I had originally hoped to do 40.

I have been busy with school. I’ve been attending a local community college and taking math classes in preparation for a master’s degree in CS. It was my third attempt at Calculus 2. The final was on Wednesday, and I have yet to see the grades posted (online, of course!). If I made it through, I’ll move on to Calculus 3 and Differential Equations in the Spring. Then, hopefully, I’ll start the master’s program at CU-Denver in the fall.

Between school and work, I have hardly had any time/energy to do work on anything fun. But, I have 3 weeks of no school, and work is not quite as frantic as it has been, so maybe I’ll get on to more interesting things.

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2004-12-11 00:00 +0000