A Position Paper for the Jabber Council

In keeping with the current trend of posting position papers on blogs (stpeter, pgmillard) – here is mine.

Background: I’ve been involved with Jabber since the very beginning. I worked at Jabber, Inc. for more than three years and have contributed heavily to 2 different Jabber clients (Gabber, Nitro), multiple Jabber libraries (Acid, Jabberoo, Twisted-Jabber, etc.) and 2 Jabber server implementation (the 1.4 Open Source server and the Jabber, Inc. Commercial server). In addition, I’ve helped drive the file-transfer discussion with a proposal and implementation of JEP-65.

Goal: I want to get an easy-to-implement end-to-end encryption solution through the JEP process and implemented in at least 2 clients within the scope of this Council term (2004-2005). That’s it. It’s a pragmatic, achievable goal that would move the Jabber community further ahead.

Rationale: I am a free agent (so to speak) in the Jabber world with a lot of experience in designing protocols for Jabber/XMPP and I know what needs to be done. I’m not afraid to twist arms or make reasonable compromises to ensure that e2e doesn’t get stalled, and I’ve got the necessary creds to implement the hard parts.

Nothing more to say here. Vote for me. :)

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2004-07-31 00:00 +0000