It’s been a busy weekend.

I had a take home Calc3 test and quiz (two separate things). Those 2 items alone used up most of my free time. What little time there was between working on Calc3 tasks, I sporadically watched Seven Samurai.

Seven Samurai might not be what modern culture considers to be a great movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It aptly captures the code of Bushido, or at least my understanding of it. While I don’t agree with all aspects of Bushido, I think as a code of behaviour, it is something our society could benefit from – if we had the discipline.

On a completely different tangent, there has been a song rattling through my head for a few days now. I think I finally identified it as “At Last”, as sung by Etta James. I had (sadly) confused her name with Ella Fitzgerald and have been trying to find the album where Ella sings “At Last”. At any rate, great singers both and finding the right singer has been an enjoyable undertaking.

After 3+ weeks of motherboard/cpu problems on my primary home computer, I’ve ordered a new motherboard/cpu – Athlon64! Hopefully it will arrive this Friday and I can get it setup with 64-bit native Linux.

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2005-02-20 00:00 +0000