I haven’t posted in a while. Life, work and school have conspired to push me very close the brink of madness. Tonight, however, things have slowed a bit. I decided to drop one of my classes (Diff Eq.) so that I will be able to do well in Calculus 3 and also avoid neglecting my wife or my job. It will delay me a bit in my pursuit of my Masters, but I think it’s for the best.

I took a Calc3 test this evening, so I got home by 7 and was able to catch up on Tivo. I’ve started tivo’ing American Idol. I skip large portions of the commentary – I just enjoy the singing. Somehow, our (American) culture no longer has much singing (as in normal people, not professionals). Growing up in a very religous (as most people would qualify it) environment, there was always singing. Just about every time any group of missionaries would get together we would sing. Hymns and choruses, no one was afraid to sing loudly – and for the most part, people could at least carry a tune. I suspect that it’s a sort of self-fulfilling cycle, the more people sing, the better they sing.

So in a way, that TV show reminds me of when singing was…normal. I miss that.

I also miss the sound of my dad’s voice when he played his guitar and sang. I think it was a cathartic exercise for him, helped him get past rough days. For me, it was reassuring and soothing, I suppose as only a father’s voice lifted in song can be.

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2005-02-01 00:00 +0000