Bits and Pieces

This time tomorrow, I’ll be done with Calculus 3…hopefully I’ll have passed it in the process. :)

Next week looks to be interesting. I’m going to DIDW on Monday and Tuesday. It’s supposed to be at a great hotel right on the Bay in San Francisco. I hope to have a chance to chat with various people in the identity space.

Adium released version 0.80. It’s become my favorite IM client by far. It’s purty and keyboard friendly.

I actually used Spotlight today to find a link I sent to a friend via IM a few days ago. It’s going to slowly shift the way I organize my files, I suspect.

I’ve been using Mono quite heavily for a new (personal) project I’ve been working on. The speed (startup and runtime) of the Mono VM is downright impressive. It’s also pretty cool how it works on Linux, Mac and Windows equally well.

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2005-05-04 00:00 +0000