Changing directions

I’ve moved my blog over the Moveable-Type. I just wanted something that worked and that I won’t have to wrestle with. After all, the point of a blog is to write – not program.

Along those lines, I’ve spent a few hours this weekend trying to come up with a less bland template for this blog. Nothing I could come up with looked interesting. Then it occurred to me that really there’s no point to having a good looking blog if there is no content. It’s not about how it looks – it’s about what is said. With that mindset, I’m going to take a step back and take one more run at blogging. For the next two weeks, I’m going to write one entry a day. I used to write a lot, and derive great enjoyment from it. We’ll have to see if I can rekindle that flame and remember the power of capturing life in words.

Ultimately, I want to write more regularly so that I can look back and remember. I’ve read a couple of historical biographies over the course of this past year, and one thing that consistently came up was the fact that these men kept journals of their lives. I don’t think they did it for posterity, necessarily, but simply to capture their lives so they would have some record of who they were. This seems to me a noble reason to spend a few moments of each day to capture it. Too often, I fear, our society runs so quickly past each hour, that the minutes which define us are never captured.

So I will see if there is something of worth to capture over these next few weeks.

286 Words

2004-04-11 00:00 +0000