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So I’ve had a recurring problem with my ‘Net connection at home wherein my OpenBSD box randomly (and frequently) is unable to contact the outside world. It’s gotten progressively worse over the past few months – I’ve tried everything from different O/Ss to new hardware. Finally this evening, I went to Target and bought a 4-port switch/firewall. The scariest part of this story is that this particular switch is made by…(drumroll)….Microsoft(!) I’m not a big M$ (that’s l33t speak for Microsoft) fan, but it was by far the cheapest switch/firewall combo on the shelf and it has a 54G WAP included.

At any rate, it seems to have solved my network drops..at least for the past 3 hours. I’m running network stress tests (repeated 60M downloads) all night with lots of tcpdump info to monitor. Hopefully everything will just work and I can stop coming home and troubleshooting every night.

Of course, I will keep my OpenBSD box as my primary firewall. :)

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2004-06-30 00:00 +0000