J&N Computer Services

After my last post about Monarch, I had pretty much given up on ever resurrecting my desktop machine. In an interesting turn of events, I was contacted by another computer company that was willing to honor my warranty with Monarch and help me out – J&N Computer Services. Their offer was simple, if there was no physical damage to the motherboard they would RMA it with Asus and send me back a verified, functional board.

One week, $25 in shipping (both ways) and 10 minutes on the phone later, I have a functioning motherboard on its way back to me. Obviously, I haven’t tested it yet, but my interactions with J&N left me feeling that it’s a skilled outfit that knows how to keep customers happy. More importantly, I find them to have a sense of class – they went out of their way to avoid flaming Monarch in my blog comments. It’s rare to find this sort of respect (if that’s the right word) for fallen competitors in today’s business world.

This the type of company I like doing business with – technically competent, user friendly and well-mannered. I wasn’t planning on ever building another system, but with a company like J&N providing good service…why not?

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2007-01-10 00:00 +0000