Mercurial, 2

I’ve continued playing around with Mercurial the past few days and have migrated some of my current Passel projects into it. I just finished publishing my Passel Mozilla integration on You can use Mercurial to grab from that URL and watch things happen. It’s neat to be able to publish anonymous access to a repository so easily (i.e. via HTTP + CGI) and also have a perfect copy of that repository locally. Mercurial is no slouch on dealing with large codebases either – I grabbed a copy of the Linux/Mercurial repository the other day – it took about 10 minutes to grab the entire Linux codebase. Not bad for a little bit of Python.

Speaking of the Passel/Mozilla integration, things are coming along. I finally sorted out that the Moz build system won’t actually package the XPI for me (since I’m using FF 1.0.6 codebase). With a little luck, I’ll get the beginnings of the GUI on the agent over the next few days. I think my new goal for August is to get a basic wizard for adding signers to your portfolio working. It’s clear to me now that Mozilla integration is the way to go, and should have been my first point of attack for the agent. I did consider this approach initially, but decided against it, since I was daunted by the Mozilla codebase. Turns out, however, that once you get going it’s not so bad.

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2005-08-22 00:00 +0000