Monarch Computers is no butterfly....

You would think that a company with a name like “Monarch Computers” would have a light and airy reputation – let me dispell that myth.

I ordered a motherboard from this company about a year ago – they have decent prices and I’ve bought parts there before with reasonable success (though never a CPU or motherboard). Knowing that motherboards occasionally go bad, I purchased their 3 year warranty to cover any issues that might arise (mistake #1). Roughly 15 months later, I start experiencing data corruption and after some lengthy testing, figure out the Northbridge controller is dying. So, I proceed through Monarch’s RMA process and eventually (32 days later!) get a new motherboard back from them.

Only problem is, the motherboard they send back to me isn’t new (it’s a return from someone else) and chirps like a cricket on speed when it’s on – which is just a little annoying. I’ve tried emailing the RMA address about this issue and also tried calling the support line. No response from the RMA email address, and adding injury to insult, I hold on their 800 support line for 2.5 HOURS…and never get a human.

So, I give up. I’m going to start saving for one of those spiffy MacBook Pros and get rid of my desktop altogether. I’m going to be a one computer sort of guy (which is possible now that Apple uses Intel).

That said, if you need computer parts, don’t ever buy them from Monarch. Well, I suppose you could if you don’t care about warranties or other such obscure things.

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2006-12-05 00:00 +0000