My world is overwhelmed with work. It’s a mountain, filling my windshield until everything else is just a blur around me. Passel, unfortunately, hasn’t gotten any attention lately, and the way things are going, won’t until November some time.

I wish people would listen when I tell them, “No.”

I don’t quite get why (some) people view engineers the way they do. There seems to be this view that engineers are overly conservative about schedules. This is evidenced by the way that people take an engineering schedule and try to stuff it with more features/tasks. They (must!) figure that the engineers are pessimistic and not really interested in getting as much done as possible. What these people don’t appear to understand is that engineering, at least in the software world, requires people of the sternest amounts of optimism. We take ideas and words and turn them into function. In many ways, it’s as close as most of us will ever come to “Creatio ex nihilo”. To do that, to take what is in essence “nothing” and turn it into “something” – that, requires a LOT of optimism, my friends.

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2005-09-19 00:00 +0000