OSCON'05 - Day 1

I’m at OSCON’05. This morning I did an introduction to Passel that inadventently turned into a discussion of various strengths of other “competing” protocols. It wasn’t quite what I had planned, but I think it was productive nonetheless. Following the talk, stpeter and I had a chance to talk with a few parties interested in Passel, most interestingly someone from the Mozilla foundation. It’s of critical importance to get the agent working in Moz, so that was an extremely interesting and relevant conversation.

I continue to be impressed with the need to simply execute the implementation and deployment of Passel. Talking about this problem of identity isn’t going to solve it – I’m ready to make progress, no matter how incremental. There is a lot of discussion about the “right way” to attack identity, and I know everyone wants to get this right. There’s even some commentary about an identity “big bang”. Ultimately, however, I think that this problem space is less about big bangs and more about incremental, increasingly better solutions.

That’s what I want Passel to be – the next step towards identity.

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2005-08-03 00:00 +0000