Passel, Future

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on Passel, and several people have asked what’s happened to the project. I wish I could say that lots of progress has been made, but frankly I simply haven’t had the time to move it forward. My “real” job and preparation for school (not to mention family life!) have all pushed Passel to the very lowest place on my priority list, unfortunately.

My personal busy-ness aside, I still wonder about the immediate value of any personal identity protocol. As I noted earlier, I’m not yet convinced that either necessity or convenience has been established for personal identity. Clearly, people would like to not have to manage passwords/logins, but it’s still “like” versus “must”.

Passel has, in my biased opinion, all the right technical bits to be very useful for personal identity when the need arises. It provides a flexible and lightweight means of securely exchanging whatever identifiers people elect to use. I remain skeptical of (so-called) URL-based identity systems, since I continue to believe that a URL is simply not an accessible or psychologically coherent basis for a complete personal identity system. Of course, only time will tell if my skepticism is warranted. :)

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2005-12-12 00:00 +0000