Potter, Harry

I finished reading the Harry Potter series this weekend. It was a fun read and several times I found myself skipping ahead to see what would happen. Considering that I finished the last book (800+ pages) in a little under 6 hours, I’ve decided to go back and re-read them all so I can catch all the details I missed. JK Rowling did a great job of creating a very rich world with interesting, evolving characters. I suspect that like LoTR, I’ll be reading the Potter series periodically.

Reading fantasy/sci-fi/not-Tom-Clancy-style books has reminded me how much I enjoy reading. There’s something to be said about reading fiction that is so far removed from everyday life that you are swept away to another place. It’s healthy (in moderation) and I find that I can be significantly more productive in reality if I give my foreground thinking a chance to rest.

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2004-12-12 00:00 +0000