If you’re not a New Zealander (like me), you’ve probably never heard of rimu trees. The first time I’d ever even heard the word “rimu” was when I stumbled across Rimu Hosting. I recently decided to move off of Dreamhost (got tired of my Jabber server and IMAP server crashing) and wanted something that I could have a little more control over, namely a hosted Linux machine. A bit of googling turned up Rimu and I was pleasantly surprised by their pricing and services. To sweeten the deal, they also give back to the Open Source community by offering discounts to OSS developers – how cool is that?!

At any rate, I made the switch about a month ago now and have really liked it so far. I’ve had no downtime to this point, and their support system is extremely responsive. I also have to give serious kudos to companies like Rimu that do more than just take from the Open Source community. Thanks, Rimu! You guys rock.

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2005-10-25 00:00 +0000