Step Forward

The Trial is past, or at least, easier now. I’m feeling better, thinking clearly again. Life in general seem brighter. I’m hungry once more.

I’ve been reading “Paris to the Moon”, by Adam Gonik. It’s been an enjoyable read and has acted as a catalyst for memories from Thailand. I suppose expats everywhere experience similar feelings and thoughts – the variation is the culture in which they are immersed.

This weekend I received an invitation to an old friend’s wedding. This too harks back to my life in Thailand and the many memories of that time that I have. It’s funny how the brain works! I can try to force a memory to return (my wife’s cell phone number!) the information remains locked away in some forgotten neuron. Yet a stray smell or sound, on the other hand, can unlock a deluge of forgotten details.

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2004-05-08 00:00 +0000