Sunday Evening Blogging...

It seems that I post most often on Sunday evenings. I’m generally more contemplative in the evening, I find, and especially so on Sundays.

Have you read On Intelligence? If not, you really should. My thesis advisor asked me to read it a few weeks ago. While I don’t agree with everything laid out by Hawkins, the general direction he describes is something that gives me hope for the field of AI. The hierarchial, prediction-based model is something that I can wrap my head around and it’s something that’s implementable. I don’t think we’ll be creating Data anytime soon, but I do think we could start to build truly intelligent software systems… and that’s a big deal!

I’m a little tired of building networked software systems. There’s a lot of feelings behind that statement which I’m not sure how to put into words yet, so I won’t. Suffice to say that I’m pursuing other fields (like computational biology) and my thesis area. These are, for the moment, my “brain candy”.

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2006-03-05 00:00 +0000