Tiger was released yesterday and I agree with most people’s assessement that it’s the best OSX release ever. Compared to OSX 10.3, it’s noticeably faster on my lowly Powerbook 667. I’ve actually been using development builds of Tiger for sometime now (via the Apple Developer’s Program). Even as recently as one month ago Tiger was pretty unusable for me, thanks to the Spotlight feature constantly indexing my drive. I’m not sure how they sped it up, but it’s plenty fast now. Spotlight is cool, although I haven’t used it a whole lot – Quicksilver continues to be my primary app launcher. There is a looong article at Ars Technica which goes indepth on Tiger. I skimmed parts of it, but it’s pretty exciting to see the technology that Apple is putting into place with Tiger. I can only imagine where OSX will be by the time Longhorn is released.

Prior to getting the final RC of Tiger, I was so discouraged with performance on my laptop that I installed Ubuntu. I figured that Linux, being a little lighter on visual effects and such would breathe some new life into my slow laptop. Wow, I was SOO wrong. The install went well, but took more than an HOUR (as compared to OSX’s 20 minute install). After installing, X would only start in 640x480 and my processor fan would not shutoff. Even after I fixed X to boot into a decent resolution, it was slow..slower than the last development build of Tiger! It also ran hot since my variant of the powerbook apparently doesn’t provide a standard ACPI/APM interface. So, in all it was a major disappointment. Linux is still my platform of choice for a development desktop (particularly when used with a AMD64 processor). However, it just can’t hold a candle to the latest release of OSX on my laptop.

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2005-04-30 00:00 +0000